This is our group name. We are:
Honora, Maria, Chris, Jane, Rod and Sandie
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Equity Portfolio

Team Members
Copyright standards, legal issues
Project Management

Online group work in a Virtual team

Additional work will be required to address look & feel of resource

Resources Needed

  • computer
  • Internet connection
  • At least one TAFE librarian for your group if not more
  • The following web sites could be used as as a starting point for this research and design project

  1. Copyright kitchen
  2. The knowledge tree
  3. Smart copying website
  4. Creative Commons Australia
  5. Queensland Government website

Access to tools/technology identified as appropriate to produce a digital content resource that summarises the key aspects of the groups research.

The aim of this activity is to provide experience in sourcing and researching the topics of copyright, access and equity and accessibility in relation to the design, development and evaluation of digital content and from this research synthesise and design a simple digital content resource that can be shared with their VET practitioner colleagues and presented at the residential workshop on May 24th 2012.