Copyright Standards

Top Ten Tips

  1. Ensure it's clear who owns copyright for all materials. Acknowledge and label.
  2. If you create content as part of your job, then your employer (Queensland government) owns the copyright
  3. Material on the Internet isn't necessarily free-for-use - check the conditiosn of use, and get permissions if required
  4. Most Internet resources can be freely linked to, but open in new browser.
  5. Online resources used under section Vb of the copyright Act must be labelled, and should only be used in one instance of a course at one time for 12 months only.
  6. Creative Commons is an excllent source of licensed copyright-friendly material e.g. photos, diagrams, videos, audio. Search for the right-licensed material
  7. Toolboxes and related learning objects are also sources of copyright-friendly material
  8. Resourcebank is also fantastic for the resources that it holds.
  9. Read the Licence carefully (and follow)
  10. If in doubt, see your librarian

More Information


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