===April to do list:===

Congratulations to those who have managed to organise their time and to prioritise some of the DC-LP activities and complete their "to do list" activities for March as outlined on the March to do list page here in my blogger site. Whether you recognise it or not there is significant learning happening as you work through the activities and learn a variety of things. Not only to do with the digital content topics and actions but also about your own personal learning style and professional development practices. external image align_delicious1.gif
Your video update this month

2 key reads this month are:

http://georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/2470. George provides a description of how professional development can operate across a network,... is this sounding familiar to you yet?
Why we need group learning online ? Oooh that sounds like a pretty timely read
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The challenges for April are outlined below:

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Make an appointment in your outlook diary for everyone of the web conferences that we have scheduled over the coming months. Use the calendar provided to you on the USB at the first workshop in March to get this scheduled into your busy work life.
Check out the 2 recordings for the web conferences that we have already completed by going to the my.TAFE site for our group and going to the collaboration section of the site. All web conference links are located here.external image dclp_coordinate.pngSchedule a discussion with your Institute Project mentor in April where you can share your blog learning's, your project progression and generally wow them with all the activity and learning that is happening for you. ( Leeanna and Rod have recently done a project update for their Institute at a PD day and got some great responses, hopefully we will hear more about this event as part of their blog posting :). Let your sponsor know that they are a member of our DC-LP my.TAFE group (sponsor orientation video for my.TAFE site )and also let them know that we have a yammer group for this project that they can join to keep in touch with what is happening across all project participants and Institutes. Don't forget they can also join in any of the web conferences that we hold as Denise Neville at CQIT has been doing:)

Coordinate a discussion with one of your Institute librarians and share your web quest design activity with them and enlist their research support.
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Post your updated project planning documents into your personal page on my.TAFE (under connecting and then our community members, every person in the group has their own page where you can upload documents/files links, etc). Plus if you haven't already done so, add your blog and delicious links. If you have a linked in profile and twitter account you can also add these, or as Maria has done linked her facebook account, (Maria you might want to check that link?). If you don't have these other networks and accounts, don't panic we will talk through these last 2 network options in one of the 3 web conferences scheduled before our May 24-25th residential in Brisbane. I will be sending out administrative arrangements for these 2 days straight after the Easter break. So stay tuned to coordinate your travel and accommodation where required.

Check this out

Now for your April May web quest/design activity
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  1. Each of you has been allocated into a project team as outlined below and there are some activities that you will need to coordinate as a team over the coming weeks prior to our residential in May for you and your team to achieve your group outcomes. The teams for this activity are:
Tom, Kerry, Mary, Annette, Jan and Owen
Honora, Maria, Chris, Jane, Rod and Sandie
David, Sarah Jane, Neola, Jodie and Leeanna
Tessa, Leighanne, Mark, Greg and Robyn

The group activity for the next 6 weeks will be launched today and your first activity is to consider a group name and read through the group activity outline that is located in the my.TAFE site under collaboration activities. It should be the first page that opens for you when you log into our DC_LP group pages. At the 20th April web conference you will be given time to do some good planning and get yourselves organised to achieve your outcomes. So don't panic!

You might like to check out these four links below that explore the use of groupwork in online learning they follow on from the embedded video above. Thanks to Alana Callan for sharing this. I have Alana as part of a network and RSS feed from this group I joined in 2010 (ECI831-Fall2010-Mentors)

1. Why we need group work in Online Learning -

2. Strategies for effective group work in the online class
3. Making peer evaluations work in online learning - lots of good advice and links to rubrics.
Especially liked the link to a Designing Assessments for Project Based Learning - which also includes a link to a project based learning series.

Bonus: Good, Bad and Ugly: Student comments on group work in online learning - http://onlinelearninginsights.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/good-bad-and-ugly-student-comments-on-group-work-in-e-learning/

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Read and post at least one comment to each of your team members blog and others if you choose prior to our 24-25 May Residential program.
  • Agree on a project team name and visual representation by the end of the April 20th web conference?
  • Each of you needs to liaise with one of your Institute librarians to support you and your Team in this web quest/design activity.
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The digital content leading practice web quest design activity for this next 6 weeks has a few simple aims:
  1. immerse you in an online group activity
  2. refine your understanding of leadership and group work and get you to be actively involved with a group
  3. promote networked learning
  4. connect you with at least one TAFE librarian
  5. provide you with support to practice and refine your understanding of key issues related to digital content in the areas of copyright, accessibility, legislation and the TAFE VET context.
That's all let me know if you have any issues and don't forget that you can schedule one on one support sessions with me each week if you want to catch up, get started again or just stay on top of your project activities. Let me know and I can schedule you in. I have done this with a couple of people now and I think that they have found it useful.
0408744357 or email colleen.hodgins@deta.qld.gov.au